(Version 1, 29 June 2022)


  • Annick Van Yper and Marc De Baerdemaeker are the owner and manager of B&B Visite. The owner can be replaced by a family member or an acquaintance, should this be necessary due to circumstances.
  • These general terms and conditions apply to all users of B&B Visite, established at Lindenlaan 5 - 9940 Ertvelde (Belgium).
  • By entering into a rental agreement, these general terms and conditions become effective.
  • On request, a copy of these general terms and conditions will be given to the users free of charge.
  • Tenants must have a fixed domicile or residence and be at least 21 years of age.
  • The manager is not liable for damage, loss or theft of properties of the users. In case of disputes, all (legal) costs are to be borne by the users.
  • All risks concerning a stay in B&B Visite are for the users.
  • Damages and loss of movable and immovable goods of the owner have to be reported by the users during their stay and reimbursed to the owner.
  • Guests must follow the instructions of the manager.
  • The manager may, in the event of a breach of these general terms and conditions and in the event of inappropriate behaviour, deny guests access to B&B Visite and/or refuse them access to the B&B, without further notification and stating reasons, and without refunding any accommodation costs.
  • The administration of the administrator is decisive in case of disagreement, unless the users can prove otherwise.
  • Guests of B&B Visite must comply with the following Internal Regulations.


  • The rental agreement can be entered into ( depending on availability ) by e-mail or through the reservation form on the website (www.visite.be) or through other booking channels. Telephone reservations must always be followed by a confirmation by e-mail from the user.
  • Upon receipt of your reservation request, B&B Visite will send you a confirmation by e-mail with a request for payment of the deposit, which is 30% of the total amount of your stay (including breakfast). At that moment, the reservation is "in option" and the days chosen by you will be kept free for you. When the payment is received within the set period of 5 working days by B&B Visite, the reservation is definitive. You will be notified of this by e-mail. If the payment is not received within the prescribed period, the option and the reservation request are cancelled.
  • In case a room is released last minute (within the week), the advance payment is cancelled and you are asked, after contacting B&B Visite, to pay the full amount immediately. In case no contact was made beforehand, B&B Visite can not accept the reservation. In that case, the paid amount will be refunded in full without deduction of costs as soon as possible to the account from which the payment was made.
  • The reservation form on the website refers to these general terms and conditions.


  • All accommodation costs must be paid at check-out. This can be done in cash, via bank transfer or Visa.
  • The current rates can be found on our website under 'overnight stays'.
  • If desired, the invoice can be sent digitally.


  • Breakfast is optional, please indicate your choice (standard or deluxe breakfast).
  • Guests are responsible for informing themselves of any allergies, food intolerances or diets.


  • We understand that there can always be unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from coming. Should this be the case, we kindly ask you to notify us as soon as possible.
  • In case of timely cancellation up to 21 days before the start date your deposit will be refunded.
  • In case you have booked a last-minute stay (within the week), it can no longer be cancelled.


1. Arrival and departure

  • On the day of arrival you are welcome between 15:30 and 18:00. Later arrival is possible, but preferably in consultation, as at 18:30 the service in the restaurant starts. Luggage can be brought in earlier if this is possible for us.
  • On the day of departure we would like to say goodbye before 10:30 am.
  • For identification purposes we will ask you to show your passport or ID card. We will make a copy of this document, which will be destroyed within 7 working days after your departure.
  • In case of premature departure there will be no refund.

2. Your stay

  • Use of B&B Visite by other persons than the tenants is not allowed.
  • We kindly ask you during your stay to treat the inventory and the furniture neatly.
  • We also kindly ask you not to cause any noise nuisance.
  • Once you have been received, you can enter and leave freely during your stay, as we work with an access code and a salto lock. This badge must be returned upon check-out. The access code is changed per guest.

3. Safety and Environment

  • Parking is free on the premises in front of the door.
  • A first aid kit is available (aperobar cabinet - bottom right).
  • Bringing a pet should be discussed in advance with the owner. The owner will ask questions about the animal's behaviour. Damage caused by the pet must be compensated.
  • In the building there is a smoking ban, outside smoking is only allowed in the garden (not in front of the house).
  • The bedrooms are suitable for a maximum of two persons. If required, a cot can be placed in the waiting room (the doctor's room is not designated for this).

Should you have any questions about the above or other matters, we will be pleased to help you.

Kind regards,
Annick and Marc